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200Mbps Powerline Adapters - Twin Pack

NetComm's HomePlug AV harnesses the power of Ethernet-over-powerline technology to give you the ability to network your home or small business using the existing electrical wiring.

HomePlug AV is suitable for many different tasks, from simply allowing you to share your broadband service with multiple devices, to sharing your digital content quickly and easily between your PC's and consumer entertainment devices (Gaming Consoles, IPTV, Set-top boxes) anywhere in your home or office, without installing additional LAN cables

NetComm's HomePlug AV solution is capable of up to 200Mbps data transmission.

Use your powerlines to create a network - or build a hybrid network by combining your HomePlug AV with an existing wireless network

  • High speed data rates of up to 200Mbps
  • Simple Connect - Setup your network with the push of a button
  • The ultimate Homeplug for Audio/Video Streaming and IPTV
  • Range of up to 200 metres (point to point) - thick concrete walls or multi-storeyed houses are no longer an issue
  • Extend or create an Ethernet network using existing household power points
  • Superior bandwidth performance perfect for next gen gaming consoles and HD video
  • Pair with Wireless to create a hybrid network
  • No new cables, no drilling. Plug and Play

Reference materials

Specification Sheet
User Guide
Quick Start Guide

Visit the 200Mbps Powerline Adapters - Twin Pack page on the NetComm website.