C10 Communications
Supplier to Major World Telecommunications Companies

ADSL Filter / Splitters


C10 Manufactures and distributes ADSL Splitter / Filters to large Carrier companies, ISPs, Modem vendors and distributors. As an approved supplier to Telstra the C10 filters / splitters are fully compliant to both S041:2015 and Telstra RCIT 004 standards. We also maintain a very high quality standard which has been the hall mark of all our products supplied to Telstra and other customers for over 15 years.


C10 Communications NT1 (Part Number 1078426) is a Network Termination device to be used at the customer premises of Integrated Services Digital Network subscriber.

C10 4-wire ISDN TA (Part Number 1078533) is an adaptor for basic rate ISDN lines providing two simultaneous telephony channels. Theses 2 channels employ separate send and receive (4-wire) for broadcasting applications.

Telephone Accessories and Tone Ringers

C10 manufactures a range of connectors and tone ringers.

NetComm Products

C10 offers a range of products manufactured by NetComm Limited.