C10 Communications
Supplier to Major World Telecommunications Companies

January 2004 - Telstra awards ADSL Filter contract to C10 Communications

C10 Communications has been awarded the contract to supply all of Telstras ADSL filter requirements for the rapidly expanding broadband market.

Prior to this contract, C10 had been supplying its C10245 and C10645 filters to Telstra for over 18 months. The new contract calls for an additional four filters configurations to be supplied.  The new products will all comply to the latest ETSI specification which included much tighter specifications for insertion loss, attenuation and return loss.

C10 is delighted that our history of quality and reliability in supply has contributed to Telstra choosing C10 for the ongoing supply of these products.

C10 releases new 'M' version ADSL filters in July 2006 which meets S041:2005 and also RCIT.0004 standard.